Australian Internet Banking Guide: Online Banking In Australia

Information verified correct on October 21st, 2016

More and more Australians are turning to Internet banking as a safe alternative to branch banking, which is inconvenient and frustrating at times

Internet banking has become the banking choice for many Australians as time becomes more limited due to fast-paced lifestyles. If you are a banking customer that has not yet switched to Internet banking in Australia, you are missing out on the convenience of handling most of your banking services on your own computer, without the hassle of leaving your home.

What is Internet banking?

When customers perform their banking online they are able to carry out financial transactions with their bank or financial institution on a secure website.

What can I do online?

Although every bank and financial institution has its own list of transactions that can be carried out online, most have these in common:

  • Bills can be paid.
  • Investments can be made.
  • Loan applications can be filled out, and quite often approved or disapproved online.
  • Bank statements can be accessed.
  • Funds can be transferred between savings and checking accounts.
  • Transactions can be approved.
  • Banking activities can be viewed.

Most banks also allow customers to monitor all of their bank accounts, whether they are with their bank or another financial institution. They also have a system set up that lets customers import their personal data into their own accounting software.


There are two different methods of security for Internet banking, which makes the secure banking sites safer than shopping sites.

  • Online banking that is signature-based has all transactions encrypted and signed digitally. The keys for the encryption and signature generation can be stored on any memory medium such as a smartcard.
  • A PIN/TAN exists where the PIN is used to represent a login password, and a TAN used to represent passwords that are used one time per transaction authentication. The TANs can either be sent out by the post to the customer from the banking institution, or can be generated by using a security token. Usually, Internet banking that is performed with PIN/TAN is done using an SSL secure connection via a web browser. When it is done in this way, no extra encryption is necessary.

Internet banking in Australian has become safer and more convenient than ever as technology has advanced. If you haven’t made the conversion to online banking, what are you waiting for? The time is now to start taking advantage of all the benefits associated with this type of banking.

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ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ internet banking offers a simple and efficient way to manage your financial affairs from the comfort of your own home. There is no trekking out to the bank to make transfers or instigate bill payments. Everything can be done securely online.

Main benefits of using ANZ online banking

  • Easy to understand. You do not have to be a computer whizkid to find your way around ANZ’s online banking facility. Everything proceeds on a simple to understand step-by-step basis. Just a few mouse clicks stand between you and complete control of your finances online.
  • Security. Banking online with ANZ internet banking is secure, thanks to the many features that are in place, such as the ANZ Internet Banking Guarantee, fraud detection, system encryption, firewalls, automatic time-outs, and account aggregation, which refuses access to your accounts by third-party account services.
  • 24/7 Service. ANZ internet banking never closes, so you can keep check and manage your finances whenever you want. This gives you instant peace of mind should you decide you need to check on something in the middle of the night.
  • Economical. ANZ online banking is the cheapest way to perform your transactions.
  • ANZ Guaranteed. This is ANZ’s guarantee that you will never be held liable for any fraudulent activity or unauthorised transactions that take place on your account.
  • Customer services. The ANZ internet banking help desk is available 24/7 on 13 33 50. ANZ also offers SecureMail, which is a way to securely send account information and enquiries to ANZ’s internet service team.
  • Account management. Accessing ANZ online banking allows the customer to check the state of their accounts, and perform transactions on those accounts, including the transfer of funds between ANZ accounts or to other financial institutions.
  • Make payments. The BPAY facility lets the customer make payments online to individual accounts, or to companies. These can be one-off, or set up as regular payments to remove the risk that a bill might be forgotten. BPAY can be used to pay your ANZ credit card bills as well, or you can set up your credit card to pay any amount of bills, such as electric, gas or water.
  • BPay View. This service from ANZ internet banking allows bills from participating companies to be viewed and paid online.
  • Statements. E-statements are available to view and download via ANZ online banking. These are provided in PDF format, and requesting this option switches off your paper statements, so you are doing your bit for the environment. Whenever a new statement is issued, an email notification will alert you. Online statements are stored for seven years.

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Bankwest Internet Banking

BOB is the acronym for Bankwest Online Banking. This is a simple and useful service that allows the Bankwest customer to securely access their Bankwest accounts online and perform any number of tasks from the comfort of their own home.

BOB never closes, so you can always gain access to your finances at any time of the day or night. This is important for those people whose working hours do not fit with regular banking hours.

This is an overview of the main features of Bankwest internet banking:

Account Information

  • Bankwest online banking allows the customer to view all their account balances from one page
  • Customers have the option to carry out searches for specific transactions so that these can then by printed out. Alternatively, they can be exported to your chosen computer application to enable home accounting
  • Tax information for the past seven years can be accessed for printing or downloading
  • Accounts can be reordered or account names changed to better suit the purpose for which you keep them
  • Past account statements can be pulled up for viewing or printing

Payments & Transfers

  • Transfers of funds can be made between Bankwest accounts with a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Bills for over 16,000 companies or organisations can be paid using the BPAY system.
  • These bills can also be checked using the BPAY View feature.
  • Pay Anyone can be used to send funds to individual accounts within Australia using their BSB and personal account number.
  • Any payments can be easily identified on Bankwest internet banking by means of allocating specific account names and memorable descriptions of the payments you are making.
  • Payments can be set up for future dates, either as one-off transactions or as on ongoing feature.
  • Full details can be obtained through Bankwest online banking of any payments that have been ordered on your accounts in the past year, no matter if they were successfully initiated or not.

Other Services

  • Your personal information, such as address and contact details, can be updated online should any changes occur in your situation.
  • Any queries you wish to make with Bankwest are delivered via their secure BankMail email.
  • Cheques you have issued may have stops put on them, or stops removed, and new cheque books can be requested.
  • Secure sign-in details can be altered to make them more memorable.
  • The Bankwest online banking Activity Report menu can be accessed to provide an overview of all your online banking actions.

No Loss Security Guarantee

Anyone using Bankwest Online Banking has the peace of mind that any losses resulting from fraudulent activity on customer accounts will be covered by Bankwest, provided the customer has complied with the Bankwest Online Banking Product Disclosure Statement.
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BOQ Internet banking

Transaction and balances history

When you first log on to your Internet banking the first thing you’ll see is the tab for your accounts. You will see what funds are available on your current balance for every credit card and account you have registered for on your Internet banking.

You will also be able to search all of your transaction history for your loans and savings accounts. You can also view your overdraft or check accounts for up to 12 months of them having been processed, and up to nine statement that have been previously issued on your credit card. If you want to look up any past transactions on your card, you will be able to see them for 90 previous days.

Banking using your mobile phone

You can see your transaction history, authorise payments, pay bills and transfer money using your mobile phone. You can now consider your mobile phone as a portable bank where you can control access all of your accounts easily using the latest electronic banking offered by BOQ. You can get access to the site using “” from your mobile phone browser.

Order a statement

Any of your accounts that are registered with BOQ Internet banking can be ordered and mailed to you. This does not include term investment accounts or credit card accounts. All statements ordered will be mailed on the next day of business and will include all account transactions that have been done since your last statement.

Export your transaction history

If you want to export your transaction history to a financial management software or Microsoft Excel you can do it using BOQ Internet banking.

Receive bills with BPAY View

You will be able to electronically view your bills with the BPAY View facility from participating billing companies.

You will first need to register with these billing companies, and you will find out if any new bills have arrived every time you log on. You also have the option of being notified any time a new bill is delivered via email.

New accounts applications

You do not have to go into a branch if you are a personal customer of the Bank of Queensland to make a request for a new account on selected products. You can make the request online for this and 54 other banking products using BOQApply.

Many payments

With only one request, you are able to make 100 payments to accounts with other financial institutions in Australia or to accounts with the Bank of Queensland. You are also able to save the details of payments made to payees that you regularly pay.

BOQ Security Token

You can get online security at a superior level with the BOQ Security Token. The financial information of customers must be protected and this bank considers it a high priority.

The BOQ Security Token generates a continually changing pass code that gives maximum protection to all your transactions. It is a small electronic device and is provided to any customers with a $10,000 or higher Pay Anyone daily limit. Any users of the Payments File Upload Facility have to use the Token no matter what their daily limit is.

Direct debits online

You will be able to edit and save, and create a group of Direct Debits using the Internet once you have registered. A list of payees can also be saved for future use.

Banking services using SMS

You can sign up for SMS Alerts or SMS enquiries on your mobile number when you register for Internet banking. You can request an account balance for one of your accounts or see the last 5 transactions that occurred via SMS.

You can use BOQ Internet banking for all of your banking needs, and because it offers such flexibility and features, you are sure to get more control over your finances.

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Bendigo Bank Internet Banking

For those who are looking for world class online banking Bendigo Bank Internet banking is what you need to know about. They have quickly become a leader in the field of online banking, and you should read this article to learn more about them.

Online banking is easy, convenient and safe when you bank using Bendigo Bank Internet banking. They provide e-banking which offers a secure email communication service between the bank and it’s customers. An authorisation key is generated every 36 seconds with the Bendigo e-Banking Security Token, which lets you feel more secure about your money.

Internet banking

The purpose of banking online is to preform transactions and payments etc, and Bendigo Bank is committed to the way they treat their customers at each branch. They offer Internet banking to give their customers more options.

A comprehensive range of Internet and electronic banking services is available with Bendigo e-banking. No matter where you are in the world, normal transactions that would be completed over the counter can now be done on the computer, 7 days a week, all day and night. It fits around your schedule, no matter whether it is personal or business banking.

Internet Security

All of the customer information is highly secured, and they take steps to protect the confidentiality of all accounts. 128 bit encryption is used for all transactions over the Internet in order to maximise protection for Bendigo Bank Internet banking. E-banking allows open communication throughout your banking experience, through a service called Secure Email. Standard email systems do not effectively protect a customer’s privacy.

When a customer signs up at the bank, they are given a unique access id number and a temporary PIN. When logging in for the first time customers will be asked to renew their PIN and personalise it so that it cannot be guessed or known to others.

Security Tokens

When payments are made through third parties a second step to your protection is implemented and a Security Token is required in order to complete the transaction. A Security Token is a key ring with numbers displayed digitally. An authentication Key is activated when a button is pressed and a new number will be opened every 36 seconds. Unauthorised actions on your account will be thwarted because criminals will not have access to the authentication key.

It is recommended that you activate your e-banking Security Token, which will protect your details at the following stages during your bank sessions.

  • When you log in.
  • When you change your list of payees.
  • When making payments. This is also required.

Banking Fees on the Internet

These fees are dependant upon which type of account is being used for Bendigo Bank Internet banking, and more information is available in the individual account descriptions.

e-banking for personal use

  • Money markers can be set so that they may notify you if the balance of your account falls below a specified amount.
  • All Bendigo bank accounts balances can be viewed.
  • You can confidentially contact them for online requests and advice through Secure Email.
  • Each financial year the interest and charges history are provided in a summary.
  • Cheque books can be ordered from one of our branches or through the mail.
  • You can transfer funds between accounts, and set up future transfers and recurring ones.
  • Previous statements are available for order.
  • BPay logo is on all paid bills.
  • Transactions can be downloaded and imported into a number of accounting packages.
  • Any Australian bank can have funds transferred to it.
  • A complete list detailing all transaction history is available with a convenient search option.
  • Transfer funds domestically and overseas, in any currency, through telegraphic transfers.

e-banking for Business use

  • Available all day, any day wherever and whenever you are on a computer.
  • Funds available for transfers between all Bendigo accounts.
  • Authorisation system which allows more than one person to make a payment at the touch of a button.
  • All in one banking system that combines personal and business accounts in one screen.
  • All bills have the BPay logo.
  • Payrolls easily taken care of with transfers available to any financial institutions.
  • Funds can be transferred to any account in Australia allowing creditors to be paid directly.
  • Domestic and overseas transfers available in all currencies

Bendigo Bank Internet banking offers completely safe one stop banking for both business and personal use. It is no wonder why many businesses and consumers are making the switch over to Bendigo Bank.
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Citibank Internet Banking

Find out how easy it is to manage your everyday banking activities with Citibank online banking. Check out the complete range of services and functions available when logging onto Citibank Internet banking.

As is the way of the world now, many people enjoy the convenience and speed of carrying out their banking remotely online. Customers of Citibank are no different, and they can use Citibank online banking to easily manage their accounts twenty-four hours a day on a secure server that is simple to navigate.


  • Help to reduce paper waste by registering for e-Statements. Archive your statements electronically for easier access
  • Set up Future Dated Payments to avoid the chance that one may be missed or paid late
  • Access the past three years of your statement history and download it in various formats
  • Make transfers to any other Citibank account in the world free of charge, thanks to Citibank’s global network
  • Access all your Citibank accounts in one place to simplify your budgeting and finances

To get a better idea of just how flexible and comprehensive the Citibank Internet banking experience is, check out the full list of its functions and services:

  • Account details
  • Account information
  • Account services
  • Account summary
  • Add payee
  • Bill payments & transfers
  • Bill payment (using payee)
  • View statements
  • Conceal account numbers
  • Customise homepage
  • Customise sign off
  • Download account activity
  • Manage payee
  • One-time bill payment
  • Request a bank cheque/draft
  • Rewards
  • Scheduled other bank transfers
  • Transfer between my accounts
  • Transfer money abroad
  • Transfer to another bank
  • Transfer to another Citibank customer
  • Transfer to a Citibank account overseas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citibank online banking?

Citibank online banking is Citibank’s secure Internet banking facility providing a way for customers to completely manage their Internet banking needs at any time of the day or night. Functions include being able to check account balances, transfer funds, make bill payments and much more.

What if I make a mistake performing an online transaction?

You will need to call CitiPhone Banking on 13 24 84, or +61 2 8225 0615 if you are outside Australia. You will then be able to confirm the instructions that you intended.

Is Citibank Internet banking free to use?

Yes, you are not charged for using this service, although some of the transactions you may carry out whilst on the site may incur a charge. Details of which these might be can be found in Citibank’s Fees and Charges Schedule.

Is Citibank online banking always open?

Yes, Citibank online is a 24/7 website that allows you to carry out your business whenever you like.

I want to check the Terms and Conditions of Citibank Internet banking? How can I do this?

These can be found in the Non-Cash Payment Facilities Terms and Conditions, which is available to download and keep for your future reference.

Is Citibank online banking accessible from any computer?

Yes, provided you have an Internet connection you can access your accounts anywhere in the world, although you should always avoid using public or shared computers, such as those you will find in Internet cafes. Unless you are accessing from a secured location, it is possible that your activities can be monitored and vital security and account information stolen.

Is Citibank online banking good for use with my business account?

As long as you have a Citicard linked to your business account, then this will work fine.

Can I access all accounts with Citibank Internet banking?

Provided your account is linked to a Citicard or credit card in your name, you can access it.

How do I register for Citibank Internet banking?

Before you are able to access Citibank online banking to carry out any transactions, you will obviously need to register for security purposes. This is a simple matter of setting up a User ID, Password and Security Questions. Information on how to do this can be found on the Citibank Online “Getting Started” page.

Can I download statements using Citibank online banking?

Statements can be downloaded for electronic archiving or for printing off. Statements from the previous twelve months are available for Deposit, Ready Credit, Mortgages, and Credit Card accounts. You are also able to access and print out recent account activity or export your account information to your computer so it can be input into Microsoft Money or Quicken.

Can business and personal accounts be accessed in the same Citibank online banking session?

No, you will need to log off to move between accounts. Business accounts need to be accessed with a User ID based on a business Citicard, whilst you will need a User ID based on a personal Citicard to access personal accounts.

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Commonwealth Bank NetBank Internet Banking

NetBank internet banking from Commonwealth Bank may make keeping abreast of your accounts a much easier task, but the responsibility to manage your finances wisely and responsibly still lies with the customer.

Before logging on to Netbank to do your banking, have you considered taking advantage of Commonwealth Bank’s special credit card offer exclusively available to existing Commonwealth Bank customers?

Few tips for a healthier financial life thanks to NetBank internet banking

Plan for the future

Although you have to enjoy life as it happens, that does not mean you should ignore the future. Your future financial security is an important part of being able to relax right now, so it is advisable to formulate a plan of attack. Once you have listed your goals, chatting to a financial adviser about how to make them a reality is very useful.

Make a budget

This will help you keep manage monthly finances, and NetBank’s budget planning tool can make this process easier, pointing you towards areas in which savings can be made.

Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard

This allows you to use only your own cash, so that you can stay within your means. You can apply for this via NetBank internet banking.

NetBank Saver

Another feature you can apply for via Netbank internet banking, providing a savings facility, earning you interest with no account fee.

Stay Safe

NetBank’s optimisation check will verify whether you are doing everything possible to stay secure online, and Netbank’s Security Centre offers advice related to this, including what to look out for with fake emails and phishing scams.

Offers section

This where you can find out about the latest offers, and make applications if you think they are suitable for you. Click on their “Offers & Apply” tab.


NetBank internet banking offers the facility to receive a quick quote on your home and contents insurance via their “Offers & Apply” tab.

Federal Government’s Deposit Guarantee

Use the Commonwealth Bank’s various savings and investment accounts to make the most of the Government Deposit Guarantee, which ensures your money is safe up to $1 million for a 3-year period that started in October 2008. Click on their “Offers & Apply” tab.

NetBank mobile services

Mobile banking lets the customer check their balance on the hoof, and locate an ATM if they are in unfamiliar territory.

Go green

NetBank gives the option to switch off paper statements for all your accounts and cards and instead receive them electronically.

Manage your bills

A great way to keep manage your bills is to schedule regular payments and bank transfers that can be monitored easily on your accounts home page.

Compare Commonwealth Bank credit cards here

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CUA Web Banker Online Banking

The CUA Web Banker online banking site allows you to access all of your banking needs quickly and easily whenever it suits you. While most people are familiar with the basis behind Internet banking, not many people actually use all of the features available to them.

CUA Web Banker can allow you to view and print out your CUA account balances easily. This can make it simple to keep track of your balances and know what’s happening with your accounts at all times.

You can even go back through your transaction history to look for a particular purchase or deposit or expenditure.

Benefits of CUA Web Banker Online Banking


Paying bills using your CUA Internet banking account is also simple. You just log into your secure account and enter the BPAY bill payment details for your creditors into the BPAY section to pay your bills. This can be a great way to save time and make sure you have a record of the payment being made, in case there’s ever a dispute later.

Transfer Funds

While CUA Web Banker can allow you to transfer your money between your own and other CUA accounts easily, it also allows you to transfer funds to accounts help at other financial institutions too.

This can be very helpful if you hold other banking accounts with different lenders and want to make sure all your accounts always have sufficient balances for the things you need.

Alert Systems

If you choose to register for the SMS or email alerts with CUA online banking, then you’ll instantly receive notifications directly to your phone or inbox when you need to know something important about your account.

For example, you might receive a notification that you’re nearing your credit limit on one account, or you might set it to let you know if you’re about to overdraw an account.

Secure Online Banking

CUA Web Banker offers safe, secure online banking to its customers. The system is specifically designed to keep your personal information safe and protect your account information at all times, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your money.

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HSBC Online Banking

If you have been thinking about switching over to HSBC internet banking, but have hesitated about it, then you should read this article to find out why this type of Internet banking is the best you can choose.

HSBC Internet Banking has become a popular choice amongst HSBC customers recently since it has become very secure, safe, fast and efficient. There is no better way to manage your money than by using the resources offered with this online technology.

Banking online has come a long way in recent years and there is no longer any reason to fear it. Security measures have been put in place to ensure that your information is kept 100% confidential and private, and that no one can access your account except for you. Many people have had a difficult time accepting the changes made on the Internet, especially in the banking world, but nowadays it is a more accepted fact that banking can be done online safely..

If you need to check your latest transactions to find out what you have recently purchased then it is as simple as opening up your account and viewing your recent transaction history. If you want to check more than one account you are more than able to do so. You may also want to apply for a new service or account, and that too is entirely possible using HSBC online banking.

You can also make an application for credit cards using the simple forms available on the website. It usually does not take any longer than 10 or 15 minutes to fill out a card application, and it is much faster and easier then heading over to your local branch, bringing the forms home, filling them out and then mailing them off. This is an option for people that do not have access to a computer or cannot get onto the Internet, but for those of us that are able to connect to an online account it just makes perfect sense to do so.

HSBC Internet Banking Features

You can save a lot of me and time by using the Internet to manage your banking accounts. It is a more cost effective and faster way to get your finances managed anywhere, and any time. Here are some of the features that make online banking and attractive choice.

  • View the balances on your account and make bulk payments using autoPay.
  • View up to 90 days of your transaction history including all of your recent transactions.
  • Make stop payments on checks.
  • Transfer your funds to almost any overseas or Australian bank account.
  • Set up term deposit instructions and manage them.
  • Use BPAY to pay bills to over 15,000 organisations, and scheduling of payments can be done in advance for up to 12 months.
  • For regular payments you can save the transfer details.
  • Modify any personal details.
  • Manage your bill payments and money transfers.
  • Change your password for Internet banking.
  • For bill payments and money transfers forwarded dated instructions can be set up.
  • A new PIN can be requested’s for phone banking.
  • Past statements can be ordered.
  • Foreign currency rates and rates of interest can be checked.

Internet security

All customers with an HSBC card fare offered an Online Security Device at no charge, which helps prevent unauthorised access to your banking accounts. This makes HSBC internet banking more secure than ever.

With this device a security code is generated and it constantly changes. This gives your online accounts maximum protection, and when it is used along with your unique Internet banking password and username, you are assured superior protection.

Online management

You are given secure and easy access to the information on your credit card 24 hours a day and seven days a week. By using the Internet you will have access to:

Bill payments via BPAY

  • all of the details on your credit card account including your transaction history, payment due dates, credit limits, account balances and available credit
  • redemption of your rewards and the balance of your rewards points
  • payments you have made on your credit card with direct debit

Security and simplicity

The online service that is offered with HSBC internet banking is second to none and free to access. You can activate your registration and change your access code within 24 hours of receiving your six digit access code. To register just call 132 152 to reach customer service and make sure that the number on your credit card is handy.

HSBC internet banking is a free service offered to any of their customers, and it is the most up-to-date way of keeping track of all of your finances. Most transactions and services can be accessed from the Internet site which will save you a lot of travel time and hassle in dealing with your finances.

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Macquarie Bank Internet Banking

Find out whether you are eligible to apply for Macquarie Bank’s online banking. Check the requirements to make sure you have one of the specified accounts, then enjoy simple online banking 24 hours a day.

Macquarie Bank’s online banking service is known as transact@macquarie. This allows customers with eligible accounts to manage their financial business online. This is the way of the world nowadays, and removes the need to carry out transactions in-branch or over the phone. Online banking enables the customer to deal with financial matters when it suits them, twenty-four hours a day, and not to rely on opening times or have to wait for representatives to become available.

To be eligible to use transact@macquarie, customers will need to have one of these accounts:

  • A Macquarie cash trust
  • a Macquarie managed investment
  • a Macquarie SuperOptions account

Having any of these Macquarie Bank products will usually mean you already have access to transact@macquarie. All you then have to do is use your Macquarie Access Code and password to log in where it says “Registered users login” at various locations across the Macquarie Bank website. If you are not yet registered, you will need to complete an application form entering your account number and your Macquarie Access Code (if you have one). You will then receive an email containing your Macquarie Access Code and a password to access your account online. For security reasons, the password will need to be changed when you log in for the first time.

When you use transact@macquarie, you are able to perform the following activities:

  • View of your account balances
  • View of your recent transaction history
  • Obtain details of the income you have earned over the financial year
  • Download or order a statement
  • Check unit prices

For some Macquarie Bank accounts you can also:

  • Transfer funds to any account ($5,000 daily limit)
  • Transfer funds to nominated accounts
  • Pay bills using Bpay
  • Set up, view and maintain periodic payments

Profile of the Macquarie Bank transact@macquarie service

The service offers:

  • Online access to Macquarie cash and managed investment accounts
  • Fund transfers
  • Online statements
  • Bill payments

List of products using this service:

  • Macquarie Active Australian Equities Trust
  • Macquarie Balanced Funds
  • Macquarie cash trust
  • Macquarie Gilt Edge Access Account (NZ)
  • Macquarie Gilt Edge Bond Trust
  • Macquarie Income Advantage Funds
  • Macquarie Lazard International Share Trust
  • Macquarie Leaders Imputation Trust
  • Macquarie Managed Growth Funds
  • Macquarie Property Securities Trust
  • Macquarie Small Companies Growth Trust
  • Macquarie SuperOptions

Anyone wishing to de-activate the Macquarie Bank transact@macquarie service can do so via the registration form. Failure to tick ‘transact@macquarie’ on this form will de-activate the service on your accounts.

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NAB Internet Banking

Many people are choosing to use NAB Internet banking because of the convenience and time saving features offered. Read this article to find out more about online banking with NAB and what you can use it for.

NAB Internet banking is on the cutting edge of technology to make your experience with online banking the best it has ever been. Read below to find out how to apply and what features are offered.

How to apply

You can apply online for a NAB term deposit, NAB Personal LoanNAB transaction account, or a NAB credit Card.

Home loan

Whether you are interested in investing, renovating or buying your first home, you can use the application online to help you choose the right loan.

Term deposit

For your convenience, NAB allows you to open a term deposit on the Internet. You can view the rates of interest on the site and select a rate or term that best suits you. You can also nominate an account that you want the money to be transferred from.

Increase your credit card limit

The application to increase the limit on your credit card is just a few steps long and can be applied for online.

Transaction account

If you want to switch one of your existing transaction accounts over to a new Smart transaction account, you can do it online. As well, you can make an application for a new Smart account.

Personal loan

If you are thinking about paying off some bills, travelling overseas or buying a new car, you can complete an application for a personal loan online and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete it.

Credit card

If you want to apply for a credit card online, all you have to do is click the button to apply and the process will begin. It only takes about 60 seconds to get a response, and it is easy and fast to fill out.

Information about your account

Gone are the days when you had to wait for your statements from NAB to reach you by mail. Now you can see your Share Portfolio Holdings and balance details online whenever you want.


If you would like to see, download or view any of your account statements going back as far as seven years, you can choose between having them mailed or receiving them online. To do this you will have to choose ‘Statements’ when you are viewing the menu for account info.

Account summary

You can look at all of the summary balances on your linked accounts and get information on insurance products and investments. If you want to see your account details, transfer funds, pay a bill or your transaction history, just use the links that appear underneath your account nickname.

If your ID with NAB has been registered for NAB Online Training, you can see your Share Portfolio Holdings summary. You can also register to get your ID registered for the NAB Online Trading.

Viewing your transaction history

You need to be registered for NAB Smart Statements in order to view more than 100 days in your transaction history. If you are registered for this service, you can also export information from your transaction history into financial software applications like Quicken (R), or into a spreadsheet like Excel.

Statement reorders

If you need a copy of the statement of your account you can order it online and it will be mailed directly to you. You can find a link to this on the account info menu.

Checking account information

Each of your NAB linked accounts can be checked for the following information.

  • Fixed term loans – Can be tracked for the applied interest-rate and the repayment date of the next loan.
  • MLC Investment products – You can find out total holdings, unit price, units held, funds and the date of valuation.
  • National General Insurance and MLC Insurance products – You can check on policy anniversary dates, annual premiums and general information about your policies.
  • Credit cards – You can find out the minimum payment due, the closing balance, when the next payment is due and your credit limit.
  • Term deposits – You can check how much interest you have earned and when the deposit matures.
  • Transaction accounts – You can learn how much interest has been accumulating on your account and how much interest you earned during the previous year. You can also check on any unclear funds.

Reorder a deposit book or a check

If you need to read order deposit books or checks you can do that with NAB Internet banking. It can take up to 10 business days to receive them, and these reorders are only accepted if deposit book or check facilities have already been established.

Stop payments

You can make stop payments on checks online and all you need are the check numbers and the account number that you need to put a stop on. A stop payment can only be done before a check has been brought forward for payment. There may be charges and fees for doing a stop payment,

Bill payments

You can see your bills via BPAY ViewTM and pay them using BPAY®


If you want to receive your bills electronically there are a number of billing companies that provide this service, including utility companies and telecommunications companies. This is offered as a free service with your Internet banking, and it is offered through the BPAY View facility.

When the new bill is received you will be notified and you can print, view and receive electronic bill summaries.

Periodic Bill payments

Any regular bill payments you may have can be scheduled to be a periodic bill payment. A billing company must be on the list of BPAY recipients in order to use this feature.

One off payments for bills

You can make a one-off payment to any billing company that participates in BPAY. You will have to check to make sure that the company will accept credit card payments, before paying with this method.

There are many other features of NAB Internet banking, including the ability to transfer funds to other Australian financial institutions or other accounts with NAB and to personalise your own settings within your account.

Online banking is becoming more popular as the Internet grows, and NAB Internet banking is keeping up with the pace using up-to-the-minute technology to make sure your banking is convenient and effortless.

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Suncorp Internet Banking Overview

Suncorp Internet banking is a secure way of doing your transactions quickly and easily. We’ve highlighted some of the key features below.

Daily Banking

  • Features include ability to check balances and a complete transaction history with Suncorp Internet Banking
  • Funds are transferable and the ability to set future dates for transfers as well as recurring ones
  • Global Payments allows for transfers overseas
  • Service is available for home loan redraws
  • Flexirates allow for a portion of your savings online to be put away and receive a high interest rate
  • Mobile Phone Banking can be accessed when Internet Banking is activated

Bill Payments

  • BPAY allows for bill payments to be made
  • No bills will be lost in the mail! BPAY will let you view and receive your bills using Suncorp Internet banking

Extra features

  • Consultants available for direct contact through secured inbuilt message service
  • Interest earned and interest paid in all accounts easily accessible
  • Internet Banking allows for express accounts to be set up when a new account is required to save for a goal
  • Home loan, personal loan details as well as repayments are easy to keep track of

Banking Security

  • Secure web service provided when you log in to your account
  • Suncorp runs a range of automated tools and tests to make sure any software changes are safe
  • Suncorp partners with specialists in IT security to review major changes and perform additional tests

You can use Suncorp Internet banking if you want a secure environment to manage your money online. your money is safe using Suncorp online banking, and offers a convenience that is second to none.

Suncorp Internet banking safety tips

Keep the following tips in mind when using Suncorp Internet banking to help keep your accounts safe.

  • Do not access the website from Internet cafes or any other shared computers, and make sure that you always properly log out of your account.
  • Don’t save the Internet site as a favourite and do not try to access it through an e-mail. Always make sure that you manually log in to your account via
  • Make sure that the URL above the screen shows up as or
  • Check your last login and transaction history often. Make sure you call the company if you notice any unusual transaction activity on 13 11 55.
  • Make sure that the daily limit for money to be transferred out of your Suncorp bank account is kept small.

Suncorp telephone banking safety tips

  • Your telephone access code should never be disclosed to anyone else.
  • Your telephone access code is not stored on any system and nobody at Suncorp will ever ask for it by phone or by e-mail.
  • For anyone requiring access to your accounts you can allow them to access information only so that they are not able to make any transactions, but can only listen to balances.

Security tips for ATMs and cards

  • When your card expires make sure that you destroy it. Use some scissor magic before you throw the card in the bin.
  • Choose a pin number that is difficult to guess and make sure that you memorise it.
  • When you’ve finished your transactions at an ATM machine make sure that you take your receipts, card and cash with you.
  • Keep your card in a safe place at all times.
  • As soon as you receive a new card make sure that you sign it.
  • Contact Suncorp immediately if your card is misused, stolen or lost.
  • When using an ATM, make sure that there is nothing out of place with the machine and if there seems to be then do not go ahead and complete the transaction.

Suncorp Internet banking allows you to view all of your transaction history, and check your balances using the convenience of the Internet. You can also transfer funds to other accounts, use BPAY to view and pay bills and manage your savings.

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St.George Internet Banking

Using St.George internet banking simplifies the day-to-day management of your finances with 24/7 access from your home computer.

Features of St.George online banking

Before you log on to the St.George website to do your internet banking, have you considered taking advantage of St.George’s special offer – the St.George Complete Freedom Fee Free Banking Account?

St.George internet banking offers you constant awareness

Automated SMS and email alerts let you know when deposits and withdrawals are made, or when accounts statements are available. You will also be informed of any changes to the terms and conditions of your accounts.

BPAY payments

This St.George internet banking facility allows you to pay your bills online or by phone at any time of the day or night. You can also use BPAY to fund the opening deposit of a Term Deposit account or to add extra funds when the account reaches maturity.

Online banking

You can opt with St.George online banking to receive your bills online rather than through the mail. This cuts down on waste and ensures safe delivery of these important documents.

View balances and transactions

This feature allows the customer to view detailed account information, transaction history, any cheques presented and card payments authorised. You can also change any payment dates or amounts on any cheque, savings, investment, credit or loan accounts.

Transfer funds

St.George online banking allows for easy fund transfers, whether that is to an organisation or individual. These can be instigated between St.George accounts, or sent to outside financial institutions. From here you can also pay your credit card bills, organise payments to anyone in your employ, and send money to overseas accounts.

Tax information

You can check and print off important information regarding any interest you may have earned from relevant St.George BankSA accounts.

Manage cheques

You can put a stop on a cheque with St.George internet banking, or have one removed, order copies of cheques for your records, and deposit cheques.

Reset security information

If you feel the need to reset any security information on your account, this can be done online using the St.George secure server.

Mobile banking

The St.George online banking facility can be accessed from your mobile device so you can keep up-to-date when you are on the go. The services accessible allow you to:

  • Check account balances and information
  • View transaction history for the last 30 days
  • Make transfers between your own accounts
  • Make BPAY payments
  • Make Pay Anyone transfers to any bank account within Australia
  • View your authorised credit card purchases
  • Pay off your credit card bill
  • View any interest earned or charged going back several years
  • View any payments pending for the next seven days
  • Request copy receipts for transfers and transactions be emailed to you

Compare St.George Bank Credit Cards here

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UBank Internet Banking

UBank Internet Banking is backed by NAB and enables the customer to do all their banking safely online. The following Q & A list should cover every issue a customer might have, but if there is anything that is not dealt with here, then you can call UBank direct on 13 30 80 anytime of the day or night, seven days a week.

What is UBank Online Banking?

UBank Online Banking gives you secure online access to your UBank accounts so that you can carry out your banking online.

How does UBank Online Banking work?

UBank customers can log in with their email and password at, or you can apply for access by calling 13 30 80.

Can UBank Online Banking be used to access NAB personal accounts and business accounts?

No, you can only view your UBank accounts.

Can other people access my UBank accounts using UBank Internet Banking?

No, you are the only person who can access your accounts.

Is it okay to have the same password for UBank Online Banking and Telephone Banking?

For security reasons, no. Telephone Banking PINs are numbers only; UBank Online Banking passwords are letters and numbers.

Is the Sign-Up form time-limited?

Yes, for security reasons if you fail to take any action for more than 20 minutes your application will need to be started again and any information already input will be lost.

Can an incomplete online application be saved to come back to later?

No, this function is not available with UBank Online Banking, but the whole process should only take a maximum of five minutes so there should be no need to interrupt your application and return again later.

Why is an email address necessary?

So that UBank can send you account information, such as an email to confirm they’ve received your application, or for ID purposes with transactions.

How can you get an email address if you don't have one?

You can easily sign up for one for free with Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo, or contact your ISP and request an email account. You will need to do this if you share your email with another person.

What happens if you can't log in?

Make sure the email address and password have been entered correctly. If that’s not the problem, call UBank Internet Banking 24/7 on 13 30 80, (or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas).

You've logged in correctly but nothing happens.

You need JavaScript enabled to access UBank Internet Banking. Enable it or download it for free if you don’t have it. If that’s not the problem, call anytime on 13 30 80, (or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas).

Nothing happens when accessing UBank Online Banking.

Depending on your Internet browser settings, UBank Online Banking opens in a new tab or window. You may have to minimise the existing page to reveal it. Or you may need to enable Javascript.

Why does clicking any link in 'MyMoney' open exactly the same window?

This is a technical issue currently being addressed.

What is Money Box?

Money Box is a selection of articles, news and webisodes to help you make more of your money. You need to become a member if you’re not a customer, and this takes less than a minute and is free.

Money Box videos won't play/Some sections of the UBank Online Banking website won't load.

Money Box videos and some other features of the UBank Internet Banking website need Macromedia Flash Player to work. A plug-in can be downloaded for free.

Selecting 'Skype UBank' brings up the error message 'the page cannot be displayed'.

You need to download Skype which is free to do.

Pictures won't upload.

Some Internet browsers don’t support uploading pictures to the UBank Goal Tracker, but Internet Explorer is one that does work.

Account Information

What can you view with UBank Online Banking?

  • Account summary
  • Transaction history
  • Detailed account information
  • Balance chart
  • Savings progress with Goal Tracker

What can you do with UBank Online Banking?

  • Open a new term deposit or USaver account
  • Change your contact details
  • Provide TFN
  • Change your account nickname
  • Send a secure message
  • Set up an Automatic Savings Plan
  • Set up a regular transfer
  • Track your savings with the Goal Tracker Savings tool
  • Withdraw and transfer funds

How long does it take to fully activate an account following verification?

Your account is active straight away.

How are regular payments viewed?

By selecting ‘Manage my accounts’, then ‘Payments’ from the menu on the left. Choose either ‘My Upcoming Payments’ or ‘View Regular Payments’.

What is secure messaging?

Secure messaging allows you to contact UBank Internet Banking securely with your queries and receive a response within 24 hours. Select ‘My Services’ and click on ‘Secure Mail’.

How long are transaction histories kept?

UBank Online Banking maintains transaction histories for up to 2 years. Electronic statements are not available yet, but you can always request a paper one through the post.

How are transaction details viewed?

Select ‘Manage My Accounts’ then choose ‘Transaction History’ from the menu.

How do you change phone numbers online?

For security and privacy reasons, you can’t. You need to call UBank Online Banking 24/7 on 13 30 80 (or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas).

Where does it say how much credit interest was earned last year?

Access the ‘Account details’ screen within the ‘Account info’ section.

What formats work when exporting transaction details?

  • PDF (Portable Document Format) – You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free download
  • QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) – Works with the accounting program Quicken and others
  • OFX (Open Financial Exchange) – An open standard which works with plenty of programs

Where can you view address details?

These are not shown on UBank Internet Banking for security and privacy reasons.

Where does it detail the customer's responsibilities when using UBank Online Banking?

This information is found within the UBank Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

How long do transferred funds take to reach a USaver account?

Transactions such as Automatic Savings Plans are subject to clearance which usually takes 3-5 business days from the transfer date.

How do you change an email address?

Log in to UBank Online Banking using the existing email address, select the ‘My Profile’ option and change the email address there.


What security measures does UBank Internet Banking offer?

Encryption of information between the customer and UBank is provided by an industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This is used by most banks in Australia with an Internet banking option. There is also a robust firewall technology to protect UBank’s internal systems and customer information.

What does the padlock icon mean?

It means you are accessing a secure web page on the UBank Internet Banking site. UBank works with VeriSign and is one of the first Australian banks to use Extended Validation SSL Certificates so you know if you are visiting the legitimate UBank website or a scam site.

How does UBank make sure that accounts are protected?

The customer has to enter a login email address and password every time they access the system.

How do you reset a password?

You can normally do this online yourself. Select ‘Help With Logging In’ and follow the instructions. UBank will send you an SMS as part of the process. Or you can talk to someone by calling 13 30 80 (or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas).

What if you forget your password?

You have three attempts to enter your UBank Online Banking password correctly. After that, you will have to re-register using your Telephone Banking PIN or by keying in the SMS Security authorisation code sent to your mobile phone if you are registered for SMS Security. If you can’t remember your Telephone Banking PIN either, call 13 30 80 for further assistance.

What if you suspect your UBank Internet Banking password has been compromised?

  • Change your password immediately in the ‘My settings’ feature, or
  • Contact the Direct Banking Centre on 13 30 80

How do you maintain the best security on your account?

  • Keep your password secret
  • Never leave your computer unattended after logging onto UBank Online Banking
  • Don’t use simple-to-guess passwords such as your date of birth or telephone number
  • Regularly change your password
  • Keep an up-to-date Virus Detection Software program on your computer

What is the procedure if an unauthorised transaction has taken place on an account?

Contact the Direct Banking Centre immediately 24/7 on 13 30 80.

What if there has been a payment error?

Contact the Direct Banking Centre immediately 24/7 on 13 30 80.

Why are UBank Online Banking and Telephone Banking transactions monitored?

To help ensure transactions are being carried out by authorised persons.

What happens if UBank finds a suspicious transaction?

UBank will investigate to confirm if the transaction is authorised or fraudulent. The customer may be contacted to verify this.

SMS security

What is SMS Security?

It is free and available to all UBank Online Banking and Telephone Banking customers, and it adds another layer of security when making certain detail changes and all payments via Online Services or Telephone Services.

How does SMS Security work?

UBank will send a random one-time SMS Security code to a nominated mobile phone whenever a request is made to transfer money outside your own account(s) or when you register/re-register for UBank Online Banking or Telephone Banking. Keying in the SMS Security Code online or confirming it with the UBank Direct Banking Centre will verify the transaction. This prevents a fraudster from obtaining your login email and password and transferring funds out of your accounts.

Does it cost anything to receive an SMS?

UBank does not charge for sending an SMS message, but you may be charged for receiving one if you are overseas.

Can SMS Security be used overseas to make transactions?

Yes, provided your mobile and SIM card allow global roaming and the local network also allows for it.

How do you change the designated mobile phone number?

This cannot be done online for security and privacy reasons. You need to call 13 30 80 (or +61 2 8756 0855 if you’re overseas).

When do SMS Security Codes expire?

They are only valid for one transaction for a 10 minute period.

Is SMS Security compulsory?

Yes, they are used for all UBank Online Banking and Telephone Banking transactions to make certain that they are genuine.

Technical requirements

What software is required to access UBank Online Banking?

Just a recent version of a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, which can be downloaded for free.

Is it possible to change the text size on the UBank Internet Banking website?

Yes, you can increase or decrease the text size by using your web browser controls. This will normally involve selecting the ‘View’ menu then ‘Text Size’ or ‘Zoom’.

Does UBank use cookies?

Yes, UBank Internet Banking uses cookies to provide a better browsing experience. They are used for tracking, measurement, security and session management through both internal and externally provided services. Cookies are not employed to identify anonymous visitors to the website, and more information on this is provided in UBank’s privacy policy.

What web browsers can be used?

  • For a PC you’ll need either Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox v2.x or higher.
  • Mac users will need either Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh v5.1 or higher, Mozilla Firefox v2.x or higher, or Safari v3.0 or higher.

Some interactive parts of the UBank Online Banking website will also require that Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are installed, both of which are free to download. If you have any problems using the website you can call UBank 24/7 on 13 30 80.

Can a Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile device be used to access the UBank Internet Banking website?

The majority of features do work on mobile devices, but the site is really geared to PC and Mac users.

What type of operating system is needed to use the website?

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X have been tested successfully using a number of different web browsers.

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Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac Internet Banking is a convenient and safe way of managing your money. You can read this article for more information about the features associated with Westpac online banking.

Benefits of using Westpac Internet Banking

There are a number of benefits you will receive once you start banking with Westpac, and here are some of the main ones.

Finances manageable in one place

  • Current balances and available funds available for display.
  • History for the last 100 days of transactions is available for viewing.
  • 7 years of statements are available to view and print at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Security

A Westpac Protect SMS Code allows you to increase your transfer limits up to 10,000 dollars. Also, you will be alerted about any unauthorised activity when you use Westpac online banking.

BPay helps pay the bills

  • Payments can be scheduled for a later date from any desired account.
  • 16,000 providers can be added to your list for bill payments.

BT Super is manageable for life

  • You can access easy investment options, monitor your transaction history, do load ups and withdrawals with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • One password gives you access to your Super accounts and other bank accounts.

Fund Transfer

  • Money is transferable overseas.
  • Westpac accounts can have money moved to other Westpac accounts instantly. Included is loading up your savings, paying your credit card, loans and balance checks with Westpac Internet banking.

BPAY view helps manage bills

  • Less paper work by receiving bills online.
  • Summary of bills and due dates available in one place.
  • 24/7 availability to manage and view your bills.

View Accounts from Elsewhere

  • Online accounts can be viewed using Westpac Internet banking, including other Australian banks, department store cards, phone companies and loyalty reward programs.
  • Non- Westpac accounts can be displayed securely on the same screen.

Net Worth

Net worth can be viewed in a format that is very easy to understand when you use our Balance Sheet Tool.


Personal details including passwords, address, phone and email address can be changed securely online.

Paper statement Opt Outs

Eligible accounts can receive emails to let you know when statement are made available online.

Things to Know

  • Payments made by business customers to other Westpac accounts and accounts outside of Westpac will occur a fee of 25% per payment. Also excess transaction fees may apply to certain accounts.
  • Statements regarding history are only available for checking, savings, home loan, and credit card accounts.
  • Certain passbook accounts, unit trusts and term deposits are not included.
  • Bills that have the BPAY logo, made from credit cards, are treated as a purchase. Payments with BPAY will earn Attitude points. Not all payments through credit cards are accepted by billers.

Westpac Internet banking should be your first choice when it comes to online banking. With this list of benefits and features it’s hard to go wrong using Westpac as your new banking source.

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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Balance Transfer Offer
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ME Bank frank Credit Card
Enjoy a low and consistent interest rate on purchases and cash advances, combined with no annual fee.
11.99% p.a. $0 p.a. Go to site More info
HSBC Platinum Credit Card
Receive a full annual fee refund and save $149 if you meet the $6,000 spend requirement. Enjoy a balance transfer offer and platinum card benefits such as complimentary insurances and concierge services.
19.99% p.a. 0% p.a. for 15 months $149 p.a. Go to site More info
NAB Low Rate Credit Card
The NAB Low Rate Card offers 0% p.a. on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. This card also comes with a low annual fee.
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