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With the Coles Rewards MasterCard receive *$100 off a single Coles Supermarket shop and earn flybuys points on every dollar spent.

Earn flybuys points faster with 2.00 points for every $1 you spend on the Coles Rewards MasterCard. This is in addition to flybuys points that are earned with flybuys partners. This card also features a low annual fee of $49 and an offer of *$100 off a single Coles Supermarket shop if your application is approved by 31 May 2015.

Coles MasterCard offers two different credit cards depending on your needs. Looking for a card with no annual fee, there is the Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard. This card offers 0.50 flybuys point for every $1 you spend everywhere. They also offer the Platinum MasterCard for those who qualify for a credit line over $6,000. This includes additional benefits like 24 hour concierge services and merchandise insurance.

Product NameColes Rewards Mastercard
Rewards Programflybuys
Balance Transfer Rate0% p.a. for 6 months
Balance Transfer Revert Rate
The interest rate after the balance transfer ends.
Purchase Rate (19.99% p.a.)
Interest Rate on Purchases19.99% p.a.
Offer end date31 May 2015
Annual Fee$49 p.a.
Interest-Free Period
on Purchases
The interest-free period on purchases is the period or number of days you don't have to pay interest on your card purchases. You will be charged interest either from the day you make a purchase or from the statement date, unless you pay the closing balance in full by the due date (or within the interest-free period) on your statement.
up to 62 days
Interest Rate on Cash Advances19.99% p.a.
Minimum Credit Limit
This is the lowest credit card limit that you can request. It is possible to apply for a higher credit card limit but not a lower one than this figure.
Minimum Income$15,000 p.a.
Card TypeMasterCard
Late Payment Fee$20
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee (MC)2.5% of transaction value
Complimentary Travel InsuranceNo
Available to Temporary ResidentsYes
Joint ApplicationNo
Minimum Income$15,000
Minimum Age18 years of age
Available to Temporary ResidentsYes - Conditions apply
Credit Rating RequirementGood
Min Credit Limit
This is the lowest credit card limit that you can request. It is possible to apply for a higher credit card limit but not a lower one than this figure.
Annual Fee$49 p.a.
Late Payment Fee$20
Cash Advance Fee3% of the cash advance/cash equivalent transaction or $1.95, whichever is greater
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$4
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee (MC)2.5% of transaction value
Gambling Transactions AllowedNo
Additional Cardholder Fee$0
Number of Additional Cardholders8
Direct DebitYes
Australia PostYes
Phone BankingYes
Internet Banking TransfersYes
In BranchNo
  • $100 off for new customers.
  • You can enjoy an interest-free period of 62 days.
  • Allows up to 8 additional card holders at no extra charge.
  • Covered by Falcon security system to protect your account information.
  • Imposes a 19.99% p.a. interest rate on purchases.
  • Applies a $20 charge for late payment.
Rewards Programflybuys
Rewards Points per $ (VISA/MC)2
Rewards Points per $ (AMEX)0
Rewards Points per $ (VISA/MC) CapUncapped
Rewards Points per $ (AMEX) CapN/A
Points Expiry36 months

Coles Rewards MasterCard Review

The Coles Rewards MasterCard is an excellent choice if you shop Coles Supermarkets and flybuys partners. The ability to accumulate 3.00 points for every dollar spent can offset the $49 p.a. annual fee if the card is used regularly. Points add up quickly and you can receive $10 off Coles Supermarket purchases when you redeem 2,000 points, saving you money.

The Coles MasterCard also offers up to 62 days interest free on purchases as long as the balances are paid off each month by the due date.

Benefits of the Coles Rewards MasterCard

    • Rewards for Coles Rewards MasterCard
      Coles Rewards MasterCard offers 2.00 points for every $1 spend. The Coles Rewards MasterCard provides a MasterCard Rewards card and flybuys card in one. No need to carry two cards. Just scan the barcode on the back of the Coles MasterCard when you make purchases at Coles or through flybuys. If you are not already a member of flybuys, you will automatically be enrolled when you are issued a Coles Rewards MasterCard. Please note: Earned points expire if your flybuys account is inactive for 12 months.
  • Apply for a balance transfer anytime
    A balance transfer can be requested at anytime from once your account is set up (your card must be linked to your online account). Once your card is linked to your online account a request can either be made through the Coles Customer Care team or by filling in a balance transfer request via the Balance Transfer PDF available on the Coles MasterCard website. The balance transfer promotional rate is subject to the current offer available at the time and can take up to 15 working days to be processed.

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Features of the Coles Rewards MasterCard

  • Annual fee is $49 p.a. per year - The Coles Rewards MasterCard annual fee is charged on the date of your first purchase and on every anniversary of that purchase.
  • Zero liability on purchases - Every Coles MasterCard comes with fraud protection by Falcon fraud management system. This benefit provides card holders with peace of mind knowing you will never be held responsible for unauthorised purchases made on the card.
  • MasterCard PayPass - For all Coles MasterCards, any single purchase amounts under $100 dollars simply tap and go. For purchase amounts over $100 key in your PIN number. This provides faster checkouts and a greater level of convenience when making small purchases.
  • Free Delivery on Coles online - Applies to any single purchase from Coles online when you spend $100 or more with your Coles Rewards MasterCard. Saving both time and money with the convenience of shopping online. The offer can be withdrawn at any time and excludes tobacco and tobacco related purchases and remote delivery orders.
  • Interest rate on purchases - 19.99% p.a. interest rate for both purchases and cash advances, providing card holders with access to the credit line without the high cash advance interest rates.
  • Up to 62 interest free days - Coles Rewards MasterCard offers free interest up to 62 days as long as the balance is paid in full each statement cycle. This enables card holders to use the card and earn valuable points without paying any interest on purchases.
  • Online account management and Coles Mobile Wallet - Card holders can manage your account, pay bills and collect flybuys points through the mobile app or online. This creates an easy way to manage your finances, check balances and view all your account information securely.

How to apply for the Coles Rewards MasterCard


  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have after tax income of at least $15,000 p.a.
  • Must be an Australian resident or intend to stay for the next 12 months with corresponding visa
  • Recommended that you be the primary household earner

*How can I be eligible for the offer?

    • Click through the Go to Site button and submit your application.
    • Be approved by the 31st May 2015.
    • Have an active flybuys account (offer will be activated on flybuys account quoted in application)
    • Be a new Coles credit card holder.
    • The $100 off offer is only available to new customers and must be redeemed by 30 Sept 2015. To redeem, scan flybuys card and make one eligible purchase at a Coles Supermarket (in-store) of at least $100.05 (excludes Coles Express, Coles Local and Coles Online).

Documents Needed

  • Income verification
  • Employment verification
  • Proper personal identification such as an Australian driver’s license

Coles Rewards MasterCard is the fastest way to earn rewards when combined with flybuys. Click here to compare cards and select which one is right for you.

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173 Responses to Coles Rewards MasterCard Review

  1. Default Gravatar
    Tammy | April 2, 2015

    Do we get fly points anywhere we use the card or only participants of the fly buy scheme . I had the understanding if i use my card to buy lunch at any hotel or cafe i would earn points , is this true!

    • Staff
      Jonathan | April 2, 2015

      Hi Tammy, thanks for your inquiry!

      flybuys points are earned on any eligible purchases with flybuys partners and everyday purchases. For the list of eligible partners please refer to the link I have sent to your email.



  2. Default Gravatar
    Damien | April 1, 2015

    Hi, I recently received and activated my card after applying last week. There was a deal whereby I received $50 free shopping at Coles but I can’t seem to find the information on how to activate/ access this offer. Thanks

    • Staff
      Jonathan | April 8, 2015

      Hi Damien, thanks for your inquiry!

      As per the terms and conditions “Approved applicants with a flybuys account will be sent a $50 Off voucher within 6 weeks of opening a new account. The flybuys barcode must be scanned at the time of presenting the voucher. Voucher may only be used once and must be surrendered at time of purchase.”



  3. Default Gravatar
    KL | March 30, 2015

    As a self funded retiree am I eligible to apply for a Coles Rewards MasterCard

    • Staff
      Jonathan | March 30, 2015

      Hi KL, thanks for your inquiry!

      The minimum income requirement for this card is $15,000. As long as you are able to justify this minimum income requirement and meet the other application criteria you will be eligible to apply for this card.



    • Default Gravatar
      | March 30, 2015

      Am I correct in assuming the income can be from a source other than wages. EG interest earned?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | March 30, 2015

      Hi Kl, thanks for your response!

      That is correct as long as the supporting documentation can be presented to justify the income claims.



  4. Default Gravatar
    Lisa | March 18, 2015

    I have been rejected for a Coles credit card online. I don’t understand I work full time and only have a mortgage. I work in emergency services ?.??.?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | March 18, 2015

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your inquiry!

      Please note that is a comparison service and is not directly affiliated with Coles Mastercard. Please see this page on more information on why your application could have been rejected. It would be best to also contact Coles directly for more clarification.



  5. Default Gravatar
    Kristie | March 15, 2015

    Can I access my money before I receive my card, is cardless cash available? Can I transfer online? Thanks.

    • Staff
      Jonathan | March 16, 2015

      Hi Kristie, thanks for your inquiry!

      Accessing your money can only be done when the credit card has been delivered and activated afterwards. Cardless cash withdrawals from ATM’s are not currently supported by Coles Mastercard. Online transfers can be done by logging into your account through the Coles website.



  6. Default Gravatar
    Andrea | March 4, 2015

    Can the points be used for airfares ? thanks

    • Staff
      Jonathan | March 4, 2015

      Hi Andrea, thanks for your inquiry!

      Coles Rewards Mastercard earns flybuys points, allowing you to book flights through Webjet. For more information on the flybuys rewards program please see this page.



  7. Default Gravatar
    Sinisa | February 26, 2015

    How can I apply for Coles Mastercard with 0% balance transfer?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | February 27, 2015

      Hi Sinisa, thanks for your inquiry!

      Please refer to the link I have sent to your email for Coles Mastercards applications.



  8. Default Gravatar
    Sue | February 16, 2015

    What is the web address for applying for a Coles Mastercard on the 0% transfer option?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | February 17, 2015

      Hi Sue, thanks for your inquiry!

      Please refer to the link I have sent to your email containing the Coles Mastercard applications.



  9. Default Gravatar
    S | February 16, 2015

    What is the balance transfer limit for the rewards credit card? I can see the no annual fee card says no limit for this heading but rewards card doesn’t have this heading

    • Staff
      Jonathan | February 16, 2015

      Hi S, thanks for your inquiry!

      The balance transfer amount can “be for an amount within the available credit on your account so that processing the balance transfer will not result in your credit limit being exceeded.” This means you can balance transfer up to your approved credit limit.



  10. Default Gravatar
    Deb | February 13, 2015

    Which ATM’s can I use with the Coles MasterCard and are there any fees? If so, what are the fees please?

    • Staff
      Jonathan | February 13, 2015

      Hi Deb, thanks for your inquiry!

      You can access cash from any ATM around Australia. Simply select “credit” and then enter your PIN. You won’t pay the industry wide ATM operator fee when you use a Westpac ATM.



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