Google Australia Testing Google Checkout Payments Service

Posted August 12th, 2009 and last modified October 10th, 2013

Google Checkout is a merchant processing system that allows secure online storage of credit or debit card information for online purchases. Google Australia is now testing the waters after being granted a financial service license permit to operate as a “non-cash payment product”.

The product disclosure statement lodged with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission states that Google Payment Australia (GPAL) will function as an e-wallet service. This allows buyers to store their financial information online for easy access when buying things from Internet retailers.

At the moment the Google Checkout system is restricted to developers who work on the product for the Android Marketplace. The marketplace is an open source operating system for mobile phones and designed to rival Apple’s iPhone.

Australians can access some of the Android applications for free. Developers do face restrictions in regards to offer applications sales.

Having launched back in 2006, Google Checkout claims to support millions of worldwide shoppers with their merchant processing system. So far, Google has declined to reveal market penetration or what their plans are in regards to earning revenue from Google Checkout.

Some hints have been made in regards to Google’s concern about the way people access the Internet with mobile devices. They state: “If users do not widely adopt versions of web search technology products or operating systems developed for these devices, our (search and advertising revenue) business could be adversely affected.”

“The lower resolution, functionality and memory associated with alternative devices make the use of our products more difficult, and the versions developed for these devices may not be compelling to users, manufacturers or distributors.”

The company admits their experience in operating products like Android or Google Mobile is limited at this stage.They are working on attracting a bigger market share of mobile devices users and the new Google Checkout merchant processing system might help them to do just that

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Source: Australian IT

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